Basic Management Skills

Helping New Managers and Supervisors Succeed

Basic Management Skills

Basic Management Skills

Looking for a basic management skills reference guide for new managers and supervisors?

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Are you new to management or supervision? Would you like to advance in your career? Don’t know where to start? Then my book is perfect for you. Purchase my new book How to Succeed As a New Manager or Supervisor today! Available in Kindle or paperback editions. Receive a FREE Kindle edition with the purchase of the paperback. This is the book I wish I had when I started out. Purchase or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Are you new to managing people?

Do you feel like you’re in over your head and don’t know what to do next? In How to Succeed as a New Manager or Supervisor management blogger Randy Trelka shares his best tips and strategies for leading people.

With 15 years of management experience leading teams he has made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. In this book you will learn:

  • 6 Key skills to help you become a better listener
  • How to set clear expectations to achieve better results
  • Strategies for creating an engaged and energized team
  • 5 strategies for dealing with your most difficult employees
  • How to manage your manager’s expectations

Coaching Help in a Book

You can continue to go it alone and struggle or you can get the coaching help that will take you to the next level. This book has the strategies you need to succeed.

Written in short simple chapters with actionable lessons. Questions and exercises at the end of each chapter help you put into practice the lessons you learn.

Learn skills to better listening, how to set clear expectations that will lead to real results, how to build a team environment, strategies for dealing with difficult employees, and skills for managing your manager’s expectations.

This book will give you the basic skills to excel as a manager and will give you the basic tools to advance in your career.

What’s in the Book?

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Lead by Listening

Chapter 3 – Clear Expectations Lead to Clear Results

Chapter 4 – Supportive Management

Chapter 5 – Tools of the Trade

Chapter 6 – Attitude is Everything

Chapter 7 – Creating a Team Environment

Chapter 8 – Thank You – Giving Consistent Feedback

Chapter 9 – Honesty in Management

Chapter 10 – Teach, Don’t Preach

Chapter 11 – Consistent Action

Chapter 12 – Dealing with Difficult People

Chapter 13 – Managing Your Manager’s Expectations

Chapter 14 – How to Be a Good Team Member

Chapter 15 – Using What You’ve Learned

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